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Push & Pop Bottle Opener

The coolest beer opener ever! A great ice breaker at any party. Let your friends try it once and they'll be hooked too!

Fitting over a capped bottle, it just takes one firm push and no cap can escape. The magnetic feature holds the cap inside the bottle opener. Opening a bottle will never be as quick, easy, and fun as with this bottle opener!

This Automatic Beer Opener is a must have for everyone who loves drinking beer, and for every bar.

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EASY TO USE AND PORTABLE - Just push down and open a bottle instantly. Well sized to make it convenient and easy to carry with you. Great for people who suffer from repetitive motion disorder or other wrist disorders.

DUAL FUNCTIONALITY - Opens bottles instantly and great beer bottle cap catcher with magnet. Will not bend caps once their off which makes it great for Cap Collectors. Usable for any bottle with a cap.

PROFESSIONAL GRADE AND DURABILITY - Size really doesn't matter here. This bottle opener is built to last and will open dozens of bottles within seconds.

SLEEK DESIGN - This bottle opener will look great on any bar

PERFECT GIFT - A great christmas gift for men, bartenders, party favors, birthdays or any other special occassion! If you love to socialize and party, then this is the perfect bottle opener for you.